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Confucius says, "the only stupid question, is the one not asked."

Our therapists apply light hand or finger pressure on parts of your body to relieve tension. This pressure should feel good as your body slips into a relaxed state; it should not be painful. If you do feel pain, the therapist might have come too close to an inflamed muscle. Please tell the therapist and he or she will move to another area or lessen the pressure.

Massage therapy aids in the healing of many disorders, but if you have certain conditions, if you have cancer, blood clots, varicose veins, broken bones, or are pregnant, you should talk to your physician before getting a massage.

Your comfort is our main concern. If nudity makes you uncomfortable, you will not relax and enjoy the full benefits of your massage experience. Many people receiving a full body massage remove all their clothes, but you can leave on your underwear or whatever clothing you want if you prefer. Your therapist is trained to work around clothing.

Our therapists will drape the breasts of our female clients and the lower abdomen of all clients with a sheet. Your genital area will always be covered as the therapist moves the sheet to uncover the areas he or she is working on.

Your massage is a time for YOU to relax. You can close your eyes and think of places far away as the stress leaves your body. You can listen to music or engage in conversation with your therapist. At any time, you are free to ask questions, change your position to maximize your comfort, or ask the therapist to work on a different area of your body. Great communication makes for a great massage.

This is a personal decision. If you are receiving massage as part of a therapeutic plan, your doctor or physical therapist may recommend it weekly or monthly. You may want to schedule one only when you are in need of relaxation. Whether you schedule a Shiatsu session for a half or full hour, or an affordable foot reflexology session with a head, shoulder, and neck massage, you will feel calm and energized when you leave.

After your massage, you should feel relaxed, peaceful and re-energized. You should drink an extra glass or two of water to hydrate your tissues. Taking a hot shower or enjoying a leisurely bath is a pleasant way to extend the relaxing effect of your massage.

During a massage, when you are relaxed, the therapist's touch to any part of the body can activate a parasympathetic response that that leads to a full or partial erection. This is not a sexual response, and a skilled therapist will shift the focus to a different part of your body or alter the pressure. If you are uncomfortable, you can request that the therapist stop the session. Some men choose to wear fitted underwear during a massage.

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