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Stress Relief from a Full Body Massage

girl enjoying massage

Stress is a normal factor in all of our lives. Sometimes, stress can motivate us to do great things, but there are times when stress overwhelms us. During these times, stress can have an array of negative effects on your health and life. Common causes of stress include work, fam…

07/09/2014     Massage

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Headache: Will a Head Massage Actually Help?

female receiving a head massage

Over 45 million Americans are currently suffering from habitual headaches and over half of them experience intense migraines on a regular basis. Anyone who has experienced a headache or migraine knows that it can be a draining experience, which also contributes to high levels of…

06/17/2014     Massage

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Healthy Ways to Care for Your Neck

pressure point neck massage

You know you need your neck to function. It holds up your head and allows you to look in all different directions. However, did you know that if you are suffering from neck pain or tension, your entire body might be suffering? The reason is because of the vital arteries that car…

01/24/2014     Massage

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Does Japanese Massage Really Promote Healing?

Japanese Garden

Japanese culture, diet, martial arts and healing techniques have been steadily finding a new home throughout Western culture. Japanese massage has been gaining popularity over the past few decades as an effective method of alternative healing. This general term encompasses dozen…

12/30/2013     Massage

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