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Customer - Massage San Diego, CA 92101

Heather M.

I have literally walked by this place 5,000 times (I live 1 block away) but never once went in or even poked my head in. Mainly based on the "curb appeal" or lack there wasn't until a friends randomly suggested it b/c of a knot I had in my neck. I had to clarify 2-3times that the place she was raving about was indeed the place I hadn't give a second glance to. She promised and I listened. Walked in and apt available right away! Once you get past their unassuming "lobby" you get to the good stuff...chairs are REALLY comphy, Wendy's hands were magical (very strong) the temp was perfect, the sounds of water trickling, low dim perfect lighting and perfect relaxing music. The only thing I suggest for every massage place is that they ask if you want your face & hair worked fault I didn't stop her before she started. The price is amazing and when you add in the yelp offer-even better! Saddened that I only just found out about them and now they are moving to North Park :-(

9/20/2013 on Yelp!

Customer - Massage San Diego, CA 92101

Daniel R.

Can't beat the price! Can't beat the quality! I live in Downtown San Diego and I know the massage spas here pretty well. Didn't expect much from this place at first, as its pretty unassuming from the outside. Just got my first massages there today. A 1 hour foot reflexology massage for $30! (GREAT PRICE) and will cruisin by tomorrow after work to get the shiatsu massage ( heard from a friend it was really good). This place is a lesson : Dont Judge a Book By Its Cover! I Highly recommend this place!

3/18/2013 on Yelp!

Customer - Massage San Diego, CA 92101

Spartevan V.

If you can get past the bars on the windows (and I'll be honest, it probably took me six months to fully embrace them) . . . . you can't find a better massage in downtown San Diego. I really don't know how this place could get better - there's a 10% off Yelp check in which makes the price for a massage almost indecent . . . almost.

Full body massages are in private rooms while foot massage/reflexology are in recliners in the main room. Personally, there's not that big of a price differential to just go ahead and have a private, luxurious massage.

AND . . . they have really good candy.

2/1/2013 on Yelp!

$30 New patient special - Green Bamboo Massage

We believe our 1 Hour $30 Foot Massage is a great introduction into the wonderful world of massage. But you should alway feel for yourself. (Includes: Head, Neck, & Shoulders). Schedule an Appointment Online.

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